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8. 11. 2019

Doom Over Vienna XIV

Escape, Dunaj, Avstrija
Organizator: Doom Over Vienna

First show in Austria ever!
Do we have to introduce this band? We don’t think so, as they are one of the most popular bands in the scene for years. It is part of the trinity of atmospheric (funeral) doom besides My Dying Bride and Funeral. Sadness, Loss and Despair can’t sound more beautiful than this.

First show in Austria ever!
They haven’t been on tour yet, but playing exclusive shows only. Where ever they’ve played so far, DARKHER created unforgettable moments of cruelty, intensity and fragility. We are pretty sure you will have similar associations during and after their show. It is a real pleasure for us that they will join our Festival.

It is their first show in Vienna!
We are glad to have them with us! This old school doom band is one of the best exports from Italy in this scene. The catacombs of the Escape will quake for sure!

This is high level epic traditional Doom. Please come to celebrate the mass at the "Church of Bones" – this is the name of their new album!

B.S.T. (GER)
They are playing their first show in Vienna ever!
They are coming from Doom City Hamburg and playing "Hamburg City Doom". Allright?
This band from the North of Germany is outstanding with their German lyrics in Doom Metal. Their breathtaking manifest to despair „Unter Deck“ will take your breath for sure.

First show in Austria ever!
Interested in something more exotic? Although they found together in 1995, it is the first time that this band from Chile makes a journey to haunt the old continent with their incomparable sound of Pagan Doom Metal.
For sure they won’t have many more journeys to haunt us, so better be there and enjoy the show.

One more band which will play their very first show in Austria.
It’s getting grim and cold when the LONE WANDERER is on the way to Vienna. He takes his latest release “The Majesty of Loss” on Vinyl with him but maybe his second brand new release as well. This is Funeral Doom as we like it to listen to.

It‘s been a long time when these giants of groove have been part of our Doom over Vienna festival. Now the old stars of Doom Rock from Hungary will present a show with the best songs of their six releases.

No, these four men are not from New Orleans, they are from the sunny Burgenland. Nevertheless their music sounds sloughy and dirty – this is how their EP "Ignorance is Bliss" (released at Sludgelord Records) is associated. This release is an absolute must have for every true Doom and Sludge fan.
We are glad to welcome them to our festival!

This occult Doom Metal Band from Graz (Austria) is one of the most interesting young underground bands in the scene. We are pretty sure there will be new fans after this festival.
We are glad to have them with us.

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