23. 7. 2020

ODPOVEDANO! Gothoom Open Air Fest 2020

Revištské Podzámčie, Slovaška

My friends, these words are really hard to write. I was waiting until the last moment what the main sanitarian of SR would answer. And he wrote me that all cultural and social events or festivals are on the last place of freeing the Slovac Republic from restrictions. So when Slovakia is expecting COVID19 peak in the half of july, we won’t be able to organise festival. Great problém are also closed borders.

With great sorrow, we have to cancel this year festival Gothoom 2020. I am really sad that i have to make this kind of decision and that we won’t meet on our common place under the castle of Reviste. But i really hope that you all will support us and will participate on Gothoom 2021.

If you would like to return ticket for money, write us an email at and we will make a deal. It is going to be hard time for us, since we have payed a lot money upfront, but we will keep our promise and return money to those who will ask . Keep an eye on our FB page or on where we will change lineup and date of a new Gothoom 2021. Thank you for your support, be safe and healthy.

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